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Lycée Abdel kader


Founded in 1909 by the Mission Laïque Française, Lycée Abdel kader, which is located in Zoukak Al Blat. in the heart of Beirut, was saved in 1985 from closing down. Rafik Hariri commissioned the Rafik Hariri Foundation to conclude an agreement, still ongoing since then, with the Mission Laïque Française, whereby the foundation would administer the school in collaboration with the Mission Laïque Française, and the “Agence pour l'Enseignement Français à l'Etranger” (AEFE).

The school comprises several buildings among which “Le château” that exemplifies the Lebanese historical architecture. The Hariri Foundation restored the school buildings and equipped its laboratory with modern equipments, and added new halls in order to accommodate for additional number of students.

Lycée Abdel Kader is Coeducational from nursery to grade 12, and accommodates around 2000 students. The school follows the French baccalaureate programs, under the supervision of the AEFE, in addition to the Lebanese program. While French is the language of instruction, Arabic is being taught as early as K1 and English from grade 3 onward.

The Lycée Abdel Kader puts great efforts to develop the students potentials and skills, by adopting international academic programs as well as co-curricular and extracurricular activities. As such it complies to its mission which stipulates meeting the students needs and preparing them to be real actors in their educational course, by leaning on interdisciplinarity and multilingualism which help them to open up to the rest of the world


Lycée Abdel Kader

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Beirut -Lebanon