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Conference organized on "Educational Innovation: Practices in School Development"

December 04, 2012

The conference opening session at the American University of Beirut.

On December 04, 2012, a conference on “Educational Innovation: Practices in School Development” was held to tackle the various dimensions of educational innovation, and to deepen awareness and disseminate knowledge in that regard.  The rationale for holding the conference stemmed from a strong belief that the various cognitive competencies in Lebanon need to maintain contact to ensure mutual enrichment and to enhance the synergy for intellectual contribution, which inevitably impacts human development.

While the aforementioned reasoning applies in all situations, it is mostly relevant to the educational sector which, in view of its goals and objectives, is central to human development, considering the role of education in satisfying the rejuvenated nature of the individual learner and in meeting his emerging demands, while making use of available experiences and the culture of continuous preparedness.

Given that each educational institution has its own way to develop itself and to innovate successful experiences, it has been considered of crucial importance to involve a number of schools in Lebanon in this conference, for them to present, share and discuss their practices which, side by side with a number of theoretical interventions, by local and international educational experts, have served as a framework for the concept of innovation and development.  It was equally necessary for the conference to come up with conclusions and recommendations to be used in the prospective series of annual conferences on Educational Innovation.