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Career Guidance

Guidance to Various Fields of Specialization

Having monitored the performance of quite many of the university students, Rafik Hariri Foundation observed that quite a number of them change their majors after two years of study. It was mainly due to lack of counseling at their high schools. Thus the foundation established the Career Guidance Center at AUB in 1985, which moved in 1997 to RHF H.Q to offer up to year 2010, the following services:

- Provide annual counseling to over 6000  students from different schools in Lebanon  to help them pursue the course of study that      suited most their abilities and interests

- Assist the Rafik Hariri Foundation SET (Special English Training) program students at AUB, to discover their interests, capabilities  and orientation. The program enabled students to attend different career counseling sessions, whereby they were made aware of  the nature of careers in the job market and the respective course of study that pertained to each career

- Guide students  to select fields of specializations that suit their own potentials regardless of their parents' wishes, their peers'    influence, the financial abilities, and social status

- Provide career counseling sessions to Rafik Hariri Foundation affiliated secondary schools

- Prepare audio-visual material on technical fields of  specialization

- Provide students with brochures on different university fields of specialization

- Plan panel discussions on different careers such as press, medicine, languages, social work, engineering etc. where professional   experts participated

- Organize yearly meeting between students and university representatives

- Organize annual career fairs which provide students with the opportunity to meet representatives of universities, technical colleges as well as businessmen from  various sectors to become familiar with the needs of the job market. Several embassies participated in the career fairs to offer students information about universities abroad. The career fairs attracted large numbers of students from all of Lebanon.

- Issue and update annually several publications, among which:

  • The Future is of Your Choice:  available in ten volumes as a reference for careers and areas of specialization
  • University Guide: informing about the different fields of study, degrees admission requirements, tuition and fees, and address and contact numbers of the most prominent universities in Lebanon
  • Technical Guide: giving information about the different fields of study, degrees admission requirements, tuition and fees address and contacts of most of the technical institutes functioning in Lebanon
  • Career Guidance Newsletter: issued quarterly